The dawn of a new light age has arrived. It began
when Audi revolutionized vehicle lighting with the
first full-LED headlamps in 2008. Today, the use
of LED technology helps create a look that's
powerful and iconic, even in the dark of night.
Darkness doesn't stand a chance.
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Even the darkest night
has its bright spots.

Only one square millimeter in size and offered on every vehicle in the
lineup, LEDs have opened up an array of styling opportunities for Audi
designers.1 These little marvels can be combined to create infinite
shapes and arrangements, giving each vehicle a look that’s distinct
yet unmistakably Audi.

The closest re-creation of daylight yet.2

LED headlight technology produces light at a color of 5,500 on
the Kelvin scale, approximately the same as daylight. This helps
your eyes perceive more contrast. They experience less strain.
And those dark stretches of road become a little less daunting.
led scene
light scale
Candle Light
1,500 Kelvin
Conventional Lights
3,200 Kelvin
LED / Midday sun
5,500 Kelvin
Overcast sky
7,500 Kelvin

LED technology has your back.

Audi LED taillight technology goes on fast and bright, reacting up to ten times faster than conventional
bulbs. And if a trailing driver can notice the brake lights of the leading car sooner, giving the driver more
reaction time, it could potentially result in a shorter stopping distance.3
braking replay
non audi car
led brakelights audi led car led taillights
road line
brake distance
non audi car conventional taillights
conventional car conventional taillights

The future is bright.

One day, it may be lights-out for conventional bulbs. That’s because LEDs
can help reduce carbon emissions and save fuel. How? Since LEDs are four
times more efficient than conventional bulbs, the vehicle’s alternator isn’t
required to replenish as much energy. This helps reduce the load put on
the vehicle’s engine and enhances the vehicle’s efficiency.4
25,000 tons
Cars equipped with Audi LED daytime running light technology saved around 25,000 metric tons of CO2 during their first year of operation.
10,000 hours
LED headlight technology has a much longer lifespan than conventional lighting and will shine for approximately 10,000 hours.


1 LED availability

LED lighting technology is available on every Audi model. Full LED headlight technology is available on A6, A7, A8, and R8 models. See your dealer for details.

2 Closest re-creation of daylight

Based on brightness comparison to the sun and 5,500 K color temperature. Full LED headlights are an optional upgrade.

3 Reaction time

Illustration is not to scale, and does not reflect actual following distances. It is always the driver's responsibility to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and obey all speed and traffic laws.

4 Mileage

Audi A6 3.0T: 19 city/28 hwy. 2.0T: 25 city/33 hwy. EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary.
  • Headlights
  • Tail Lights
  • Interior
  • Daytime
  • Low beam
  • High beam
  • Signal